Lord of dark wisdom and arcane knowledge, father of sorcery, great-teacher, and god-king. So ancient is Mog’Malu that his true name survives only in lost texts of forbidden lore, or scrawled upon time-ravaged stone in sunken cities of eld. The last of a dying race of ram-headed giants from beyond the insufferable void of star-haunted space, so infused with arcane energies is Mog’Malu that it is said it was he who brought magic into the world eons ago when man first began to crawl from the primordial slime of the oceans.

Once worshipped as a god and great teacher, man flourished at Mog’Malu’s knee. Rising up out of the primordial darkness, man evolved from the primeval savage to builders of wondrous civilizations; learning science, healing, magic, and reason.

Yet some claim Mog’Malu no longer holds sway on the mortal plane, having returned to his own world said to circle the very fringes of the universe. But those who claim him as their patron are granted terrible powers and arcane mysteries lost to the ken of mortal man.

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