To Tread The Jeweled Thrones

10/13 Recap

Death, Death & More Death!

After some futzing around with trying to figure out whether there was any safe way to poke at the grave worm pit any further, the party decided to use the map to backtrack to the entrance to the catacombs.  Along the way they spotted a spectral figure that was moving from alcove to alcove, gesturing above the dead, and they followed it until it vanished into a wall.  At this point they were overtaken by Russell's group, survivors who had run away from initial massacre by the Children of the Crypt, and after determining that the wall the specter had vanished into contained no secret door (this not being an episode of Scooby-Doo) they continued backtracking, emerging from the catacombs a scant ten minutes later and now that they were back in the area lit by the glowing green stones they extinguished their lantern (lantern is at 4 of 6 hours remaining).

They decided to explore the stairs down beyond the rusted gate at "D"…. the stairs were a bit longer and deeper than is comfortable for a human to use, though not so much as to require any special skill, and the scent of decay wafted up from below.  After 100 feet they came to the bottom of the stairs and a room containing a bas-relief of worshipers before a dais: some of the worshipers are presenting gifts, while others are sitting looking pensive. Whatever figure was seated on the dais has been eradicated by hammer and chisel hundreds or thousands of years ago.  Beyond this room there were huge double doors to the South, plated in silver but smeared with filth and blood (fresh enough that they could at least tell it was blood and not just an ancient stain).  From the darkness beyond the doors the stench was really strong, but beyond the opening to the south the room continued and they could see an area to the North, which half of them rushed to investigate, choosing to ignore the darkened room to the South.  

This led them to be separated into two groups when a horde of Children of the Crypt (hideous deformed child-sized creatures, some possessing additional mouths or limbs, some missing limbs entirely and wriggling on the ground, some with secondary heads growing out of random places on their bodies, or lamprey-like mouths or reptilian skin, etc.) burst out of the southern room, gaining surprise.  A pitched battle ensued, with many of the party falling before they finally disposed of the Children.

The Dead

(Not all from this session)

  • Wendy's Group

    • Moskogus (trapper)
    • Lind (rice farmer)
    • Shoshalen (astrologer)
  • Michael's Group

    • Jack (hunter) 
    • Sudis (wainwright)
    • Flint (animal trainer)
  • Russell's Group

    • Lou (ditch digger)
  • Lan's Group

    • Muggin (weaver)
  • JD's Group

    • Blane (mercenary)


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