To Tread The Jeweled Thrones

11/3 Recap

To Sindanore!

Having escaped the crypts (and become 1st level), they hailed a passing ship that happened to be on its way to Sindanore, the former plague colony on the shores of the island of Kalmatta. After hearing tales from the sailors about the possibility of fabulous wealth from lost tombs on the island, they decided to stay there as the ship sailed on (after first arranging with the captain to stop at the island and check on them when next they were passing by).  They  equipped themselves and set out to explore the jungle, not really believing in the islanders tales of gigantic beasts.  After a few days exploring, they came across the remains of an adventurer who had fallen to his death on a treacherous mountain pass; in his backpack they found a well-wrapped and preserved journal of his searches for the fabled tombs of the island, giving them their first concrete clue to the whereabouts of some treasure.  They encountered a herd of goats, fleeing from a saber-toothed tiger and managed to dispatch the tiger, while one of them (Tonguud the Warrior), was injured by an ornery goat.


joshuamacy joshuamacy

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